360 Deals in the Christian Music Industry

We at Artist Garden Entertainment have had many conversations with booking agents and artists over the last couple of weeks regarding these 360 Deals that Christian record companies are trying to put into place with both their established and new artist. An overwhelming theme has been that the artist can’t survive if the record label is taking a percentage of income from every aspect of what they do. Labels argue that they make the brand and therefore, should control the brand. One can’t argue that the record label does provide an important element to the artist career, however, should they participate in all income streams from the artist?  I spent the last 20 years of my career on the label side and understand that the economics are in the toilet. We all (labels, artist, managers, booking agents) need to look at creating new and innovative income streams like the digital revenue that labels have created through downloads, streaming and ringtones.  If we continue to divide the pie up into more pieces and don’t make bigger pies, then the pie will certainly dissapear. Visit us at www.artistgardenentertainment.com