5 Great iPhone/iPad Apps!

There is no doubt that we live in an App World, thanks to Steve Jobs and his brilliant team at Apple. Apps have become a real focal point for quick bonding and conversation with friends and new acquaintances. I stumble across new apps daily and decided to share some of my current favorites.



Shazam – My absolute favorite app! In the past I would lose sleep at night if I heard a song that I liked on the radio/tv, watching a movie, riding an elevator or strolling through a store and didn’t know who sang it. Now, I Shazam it and buy the song. Shazam just added a lyrics feature to the app which I’m enjoying thoroughly.





USA Today

USA Today – I’m a news junkie and really love reading the news. This is a way to read the USA Today for free. I’m not sure how long free will last but I’m definitely taking advantage of it while I can.






Run Pee

Run Pee – Ever been at the movies and had the urge to pee but you don’t want to miss something important? Run Pee gives you the best times during the movie for a quick restroom break. Everyone over 40 will want this app!





PhotoSpeak – Buy it, you will love it! Hours of fun creating funny creepy avitars and videos from photos of your friends and family.





Songwriter's Pad

Songwriter’s Pad – Great app for songwriters! Helps you record and organize your song. The app includes a dictionary, rhyming dictionary, and suggestions for words and phrases. You can record a live demo to accompany the lyrics giving you a great way to store or share a song.




What’s your favorite Apps?