A Great Song Is The Core Of Success

Songwriter's Journal

We’ve all heard it said “It starts with a song” or “It’s all about the song” While those may sound cliche, they ring truer than ever. Sure an occasional pop star rises to the top of the charts using shock or controversy as opposed to great music but most successful music in all genres is centered around a great song.

We get loads of submissions each week from people looking for an artist manager but probably one submission a year that includes a great song. I encourage anyone pursuing a career as an artist to make the song your primary focus. Study the greats of your genre and pick their songs apart. Learn what makes great songs tic. Find writers who are writing great songs to co-write with. Join a songwriter’s organization to meet others. Nashville is loaded with incredible songwriters of all genres. Move there to learn the craft from the greats. If you aren’t a writer then find a great writer to write for you.

Your friends and family will always tell you how great your songs are. Find youself a Simon Cowell. Someone with success in the music business who will really critique your songs. Then listen, learn and grow.