Apple Announces The iCar

While most Apple fans have been caught up in anticipation for the iPhone 5 and Apple TV Set, the top innovator in the world announces something totally unexpected, the iCar.

When Walter Isaacson stated in the Steve Jobs biography that he had “figured it out”, Jobs wasn’t talking about TV like previously believed. Jobs had apparently hired award-winning Japanese car designer Autosan Makertz in 2011 to create the ultimate driving machine, the iCar. The iCar will be sold at Nissan dealerships until Apple finalizes construction of their free-standing stores which they plan to call Apple World. The stores will serve as both a car dealership and a location to sell their electronics products. The Apple World stores will contain service centers for the new iCar which will be a brand extension of the Genius Bar. Initially two models will be available: ¬†White 4 Cylinder and Black 6 Cylinder. The cars begin shipping to US Nissan dealers in July.

iCar Features

– powered by i10 Apple Cells (charged by solar panels)

– iDashboard has the look and feel of an iPad

– Gorilla Glass Windows

– touchpad steering wheel

– Beats by Dr Dre Stereo System

– Quad core exhaust

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