Artist Endorsements

This week I had the opportunity to attend the NAMM convention in Anaheim, CA. Being a musician myself, I had always dreamed of attending NAMM. Every instrument dealer in the world gathered under one roof to show off their latest goods. One thing that really amazed me is how much things have changed in the instrument world since I was a young musician. Technologoy has had such an impact on how we make music today. My son-in-law, who is in the band Salvador,  was playing a show for Roland so we spent a great deal of time in their area. What a great company! They were so kind to Salvador and treated them very well. Salvador played an amazing show using all Roland gear including v-drums  and electronic percussion.

I used the opportunity to try to look for some aditional endorsements for my son-in-law and for bands the we mangage at Artist Garden Entertainment. One of the best experiences was with Fender. Not only do they make some of the best guitars on the market, but they have some really great artist relations people. Their Austin rep, Mark Weber, was very gracious. We attended a show in their showcase room that featured Lincoln Brewster. What an incredible guitar player! I sold a couple of Lincoln’s early records on Integrity back in my Word days but had forgotten what an amazing talent he is! He also has an incredible bass player in his band. I only caught the bass player’s first name, Norman.

My time at the NAMM cnvention made me wonder if there is some bigger marketing idea that could be developed with endorsements. What if the instrument companies entered the arena with the record company, booking agent and management on the launch of an artist cd release? Yes, there have been promotions with autographed guitar give-aways but could there be something bigger? The endorsements usually come after an artist has put some major points on the scoreboard but what if endorsements played a role in the launch of a new artist? As we all scramble to find additional resources for marketing, endorsements is one I think we should consider. After all, the music begins with an instrument!  Visit us at