Artist Garden Entertainment Creates Top Performing Marketing Campaign


With the onslaught of digital space, anyone can pretend to market music. Simply throw an ad together, buy some cheap space and sell millions of records right? Unfortunately, that is a common mindset for many new generation marketers. What some fail to understand is there are a few rules of marketing that worked 50 years ago, still hold true today and will most likely hold true in 50 years. 1) Know Your Target Audience and where to find them and  2) Keep the ad simple, focused & targeted. Many marketers fill ads with too much messaging. I’m a firm believer in “less is more” when it comes to creating ads. Consumers’ attention is more difficult than ever to hold so generating just enough curiosity to get the consumer to press that ‘click button’ is my primary objective.

I recently had the opportunity to create on a marketing campaign for new Save The City Records artist, Amanda Noelle. We were launching with very little radio play and introducing a new name to Christian listeners. Fortunately for Amanda, she landed the worship leader slot for Girls of Grace for 2013-2014 season. That gave us a couple of things to target 1) Christian Music fans who are interested in new music and 2) Girls who follow & attend Girls of Grace events.  We of course looked at marketing vehicles available at Girls of Grace events and implemented a contest with Sisterhood Magazine ( official magazine handed out at Girls of Grace conferences) where girls register to win Forever 21 Gift Cards & Women’s study Bibles. Knowing that is an extremely popular hangout for people interested in discovering new Christian music, made it a natural space to target. Working with talented graphic designer, Jekob Washington, we created the ad above. Our ad ended up being one of’s most successful click-throughs ads so far in 2013, clocking in double the click-throughs they normally see for the space we booked! Check out Frontgate Media’s Case Study on the campaign here Amanda Noelle Ad Case Study