Booking Agents for New and Indy Artists

We have recently found ourselves talking with a number of new or indy artist. The first question they hit us with is “can you find me a booking agent?” After going through the “cart before the horse” explanation with them, I can’t help but put a great deal of thought into the process.  Most agents I know only work  “A level talent” with a current record and a charting radio single.  I really can’t blame them as that is the safest, easiest to grab low hanging fruit. But the funny thing is when the bands are looking for label deals, the labels want a band that is touring heavily and preferably with a booking agent in place. That is where the catch 22 reveals itself. A determined band will figure out the booking thing on their own. This whole process really makes me realize what a big demand there is for a booking agent that serves this level of artist. A good booking agent ought to be able to sell a great live band whether they have radio or not?  If I were a college kid interested in the booking world, I would certainly consider launching my own agency to serve these artist as opposed to going for the mail-room job with one of the majors. If I were a major booking agent, I would have at least one entry level position that booked new bands that have no real big story and I would own that market. There is a great deal of potential and a huge niche screaming to be tapped into. Many of the new and Indy artist will become tomorrow’s “A level artist.”