Camping Music

This week I found myself in the middle of July with a weekend weather forecast calling for unusually cooler temps. That kind of forecast always triggers one thing in my mind…Camping! We quickly threw together a camping plan that included our daughter, her husband and the grandkids. The grandkids had never been camping so adventure was inevitable!

One thing that goes hand in hand with camping is music. It’s always interesting to see what tunes people break out at the camp site. As we were setting up camp, Nic, my son-in-law, broke out the iPhone/Jambox combo and began playing the new Daft Punk record. While I would never have pegged the frontman for Salvador to be into Daft Punk, it was perfect for soothing the stressful process of setting up camp. I haven’t spent time with the Daft Punk record so it also served as an educational exposure to a band that is exploding. Next morning, I broke out Phillip Phillips which I have recently been listening to quite a lot. Even though I feel like I’m cheating on Dave Matthews when I listen to Phillip Phillips, I can’t stop playing it. Just as we were enjoying the bacon and egg breakfast so eloquently prepared by my wife, everyone’s iPhones ran out of juice. Unfortunately, our air mattress pump blew the fuse to the car charger preventing all iPhone charging. With no means of listening to music, we were left to the sounds of nature. Birds, bees, mosquitos, flies and the sound of our laughing grandkids became the soundtrack for the day which I must say wasn’t all that bad. And there were S’mores!

What are your favorite camping tunes?