The Grammy Awards In Thirty Seconds

2016 Grammy Awards


Every February, many in the world gather around their television sets in hopes of catching a glimpse of something spectacular at the Grammy Awards. A music moment that leaves it’s mark in history giving us new “water cooler” discussion material to usher in spring. The Grammy Awards celebrate and close out a year of music signaling the end of the yearly race for the coveted  trophies.

My take on The 2016 Grammy Awards in thirty seconds.

Taylor Swift, the new boss of the music industry, delivers a glamorous opening that ends with a soaring vocal letting any remaining haters know she can sing.

Tori Kelly and James Bay duet together giving us a glimpse of music’s future. And I must say the future looks and sounds swell.

Kendrick Lamar gives the obligatory angry “black lives matter” performance that falls right in formation with Beyonce’s Super Bowl statement. He did use some cool glow-in-the-dark paint.

Alabama Shakes front woman, Brittany Howard, gives one of the most grateful acceptance speeches I’ve heard inspiring all those young kids jamming in their garage.

Adele showed how even the golden voice of the music industry can have a poor performance when left in the hands of a faulty sound engineer. The boring song choice didn’t help matters.

Our bad kid turned good kid, Justin Bieber, opened with an acoustic guitar performance showing the world that it is possible to Learn How to Play Guitar in a few days and play nervously on the Grammy stage. But smashing that acoustic guitar when not in a serious rock moment left the audience a bit confused about his new maturity? But he does have two new friends with weird names, Skrillex & Diplo, who make some pretty cool music.

Meghan Trainer accepted her “New Artist” Grammy Award leaving me wondering how voters missed James Bay, Sam Hunt and Tori Kelly?

Lady Gaga then took the stage for a David Bowie tribute. Very creepy!

And then, that moment tv viewers were hanging on the edge of their seats for. (Or at least I was) Chris Stapleton, Gary Clark Jr and Bonnie Raitt delivered a B.B. King tribute performance that will go down as one of the best all-time Grammy moments!

The Grammy Award night ended with Taylor Swift’s Album of The Year acceptance speech delivering a classy coded message for Kanye West who thankfully we didn’t see all evening.





A Night At The Local Show

Andrew Peterson, Drew Holcomb, The Gray Havens, Christopher Williams


A night at The Local Show turned out to be a real treat this month as show host, Andrew Peterson, welcomed guests Drew Holcomb, The Gray Havens and Christopher Williams to the stage at The Well Coffeehouse in Brentwood, TN. Ellie Holcomb was originally scheduled to join the line-up but opted to send her husband Drew Holcomb after loosing her voice earlier in day recording vocals for her new album. 

This was my first time to experience The Local Show which was birthed by Andrew Peterson in 2014. The show features artists in Nashville’s “writer’s in the round” fashion as they share stories and song. Highlights last night include Drew Holcomb’s touching story behind his song “Live Forever” and his song “American Beauty” made famous with the Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial. The Gray Havens shared new songs from their upcoming album showcasing their powerful blend of harmonies and storytelling. Andrew Peterson shared a few of his gems while weaving in personal stories of family and friends. Last night was my first exposure to Christopher Williams and boy does he have a soulful voice. The evening ended with Peterson’s daughter joining the stage to help lead a group hymn sing.

Be sure and connect with The Local Show’s Facebook page HERE for updates on the monthly shows.


The Gray Havens Release New Christmas Song

At Last, The King


Have you ever heard a Christmas song begin with the story of the serpent in the Garden of Eden?  Well, You’re about to! While many artists are busy releasing cover Christmas songs, The Gray Havens decided to take a new and fresh approach at writing and recording their new original Christmas song, At Last, The King. The new song, produced by Ryan Corn, is now available on iTunes. This song serves as a preview of what’s to come as The Gray Havens are busy working on their new Spring 2016 release. Below is a video of a live performance from The Gray Havens singing  At Last, The King.

YouTube Releases Music App

The music streaming race gets a little more interesting with the today’s announcement from Youtube. Youtube announced the release of their music app for IOS and Android. I’m just downloading the app so no opinion from me yet on its functionality, however, I’m sure it will quickly move to the top of every music marketing plan. Upon hearing the news, I found this amazingly produced video that Youtube made to introduce the service. Interestingly I was the 50th person to view it so I wanted to share with those of you who haven’t seen it. After watching this video, I’m stoked. How about You?

Creating Monsters

CM New cover comp 400x600
I have been working on a book for the last couple of years titled Creating Monsters – Finding Fame In Jesus’ Name. The book is targeted at anyone pursuing a career on a platform that could potentially bring fame.(music, film, sports etc) The book released this week and is available at,, select Christian retail and on my website I’d be honored if you would check it out.


DoubleTake From Ryan Corn

Most artists are content with one single release but when you are as talented as Ryan Corn, you need two!

Ryan Corn released two new digital singles this past week in an effort to have a radio presence in multiple genres simultaneously. His self-produced, Rising Up In Me, shows a more organic pop side, while his cover of Dido’s White Flag presents a chilled alternative pop offering. White Flag is Ryan’s first collaboration with producer Cason Cooley (Ingrid Michaelson, Ben Rector, Leagues, Katie Herzig) Both songs are equally amazing showing Ryan’s DNA transcends any genre labels.

Do yourself a favor and buy both! Rising Up in Me and White Flag can both be found on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music or wherever you gas up your digital devices.


Thank You Taylor Swift!

Fourteen years ago, during Universal Music’s presentation at the NARM convention, Taylor Swift was introduced to the music industry. One could hear a slight bit of nervousness in her voice as she sang a few of her songs for the room full of critics. Little did we know how that little girl would change the music industry.

Last night, as I read the news that Apple Music had changed their decision to pay artists for streams during the 3 month launch, my heart was filled with gratitude for that little girl turned woman, Taylor Swift. Her letter to Apple single handed impacted every artist, songwriter, producer and record label in a positive way. Taylor exemplifies the artist no one thought possible in our modern age of entertainers. She has responded with grace in every situation the music industry has thrown her and showed the world how to lead. Taylor has endured incredibly tough situations throughout her career including jealous artists and music industry folks slamming her ability to sing, Kanye West sabotaging her MTV Video Music Award moment and of course all those boyfriends that treated her poorly. In every situation, she has responded with incredible wisdom and leadership.

Taylor – Thank you for being an example to the world, thank you for showing us how to lead and thank you for using your platform for something more than just yourself.


Riding the Music Stream

Warner Music Group recently reported last quarter streaming revenues surpassed revenue for selling downloads for the first time in history. It’s no wonder Spotify, Pandora, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes Radio, Rdio, The Overflow, Tidal and Apple’s soon to be announced Beats reincarnated streaming service are quickly positioning themselves to battle for the top contender music streaming service spots.

The BIG music streaming wave is upon us and every music artist must decide whether to catch the wave or sit it out. If #1 ranked surfer of all-time, Kelly Slater, had decided to sit it out, he would never have been awarded Surfing World Champion 11 times, his band would never have opened for Pearl Jam and he would never have starred in Baywatch or modeled for Versace. I’ve heard every argument against and many artist’s financial fears of music streaming. Reality is the streaming wave is here and no one can stop it.

Will you catch the wave or sit it out?

Ledisi Missing At The 2015 Grammy Awards?

Hard to believe but the 2015 Grammy Awards have come and gone. The great thing about that significant event is the fact that we will soon see the big contenders for next year’s awards begin to surface. I always look forward to the new music ushered in for spring.

I must say this year’s performances were much better than what was delivered last year on the Grammy stage. AC/DC opening up the show was a milestone and the guys didn’t look as old and tired as one might have expected them to. Lady Gaga finally sang a song that showcased an amazingly beautiful voice that has taken a back seat to her shock antics. Pharrell Williams had one of the most brilliant performances of the evening in which he gave his mega hit song “Happy” a new and interesting spin. Madonna looked more like Ertha Kit in Boomerang as she begged the audience to stand up to join her in granny aerobics. Katy Perry sounded fabulous while donning a new classy look and Ed Sheeran showed the world why so many folks buy his records. Miranda Lambert put on quite the show proving her worthiness at the top of Country music. Brandy Clark and Dwight Yokoam created what was probably my favorite performance of the evening forcing me to buy Brandy’s record immediately. John Mayer’s new look sporting a pink Charvel Jackson was indeed a surprise and the quick lead he shredded showed Charvels can reach well beyond hammer-ons! Beck winning  Album Of The Year was the big surprise and seeing Kanye West stupidness makes me extremely happy that Beyonce didn’t win. Can’t we ban Kanye Worst from award shows?

Speaking of Beyonce, why in the world would the Grammys have her perform the song that currently belongs to Ledici? I understand the Grammy Awards desire to increase viewership but I always thought the Grammy’s were a little more concerned about honoring great musicians than caving in for the popular vote? And Beyonce…come on…don’t you have enough? If I were Beyonce and asked to sing someone else’s song I think I would have used my influence to ensure my fellow sister got the deserved shot on the Grammy stage. That could have been a defining moment for Ledisi’s career. Instead viewers were forced to watch Beyonce again. Sigh.