Music and Fashion

Artist Garden Entertainment attended a fashion show last night at the Posh Boutique in Nashville, TN.  Designer, Jeff Garner was premiering his new summer line of sustainable clothing from Prophetik. As I watched, I was reminded how music and fashion fit so nicely together. Imagine watching a band playing naked? Well maybe not, but you get the idea. Whatever the band is wearing will be remembered, imitated and revered by their fans. Now imagine a fashion show with no music? It would have the same feel as a silent movie. Very boring!  Fashion brings music alive and Music brings fashion alive. During the show, there were several songs being used that many had never heard. Jeff likes to expose people at his fashion shows to new music. He had a DJ spinning tunes and a live band from Austria playing songs. The two alternated throughout the show giving it an interesting feel. As I was mingling with the crowd at the after show reception, I noticed a common thread among most of the people I spoke with. Everyone was buzzing about two songs that were used in the show. Some had even used the their iPhone app to tag the songs to purchase later. Wow! What an amazing impact the music had on the attendees. I must admit, I woke up this morning wishing a few of the songs that were used last night, were on my iPod. And they will be by days end!