Last Minute Merch

t-shirt-294078__180 So you’ve worked hard at mastering an instrument, writing a catalog of hit songs and are about to hit the road gigging all over the country. As you calculate the expenses you will incur touring, you begin to wonder how you could possibly make any money in the music business. Then you remember the article you read somewhere about artists making money from selling t-shirts and cds at their live shows.  Your tour begins in a week and you frantically call merch companies to see if you could get t-shirts printed and cds pressed in time to take with you. Sound stupid?

I’m surprised how often I run into artists who claim to be serious about a music career but wait till the last minute to think about the merch they will take on tour. Merch is one of the only money making areas left in the music business. Should it really be an afterthought? Artists who understand the importance of merch and treat it as such are the ones who create sustainable careers in the music business.




One Great Band Merch Company


One of the things an artist manager deals with daily, is artist merchandise. With hundreds of companies offering band merch, how do you pick the right one? Artists often stumble across a merch person who has some really cool merch and presents themselves as the hippest merch company on the market. The funny thing is, most reputable merch companies have access to the same stuff. What you really need is someone who offers great service and prices. We have found such a company in Missing Ink.

Personal experience has shown me that Missing Ink genuinely cares about the artists by offering incredible service with both merchandise supply and online store management. One of my favorite things about Missing Ink is their website store service. They charge nothing to set up a store and they skin it to flow with the look of the artists’ website. I have been extremely impressed with their turn around time as they have often created a store for me in a day.

Do yourself a favor and check out Missing Ink for your band merch needs! They are making a special offer to readers of The Music Gardener blog. If you mention that you saw this blog post and sign up for a merch store by July 30 2011, Missing Ink will give you 10% off your first merch order of 48 tees or more.