Tips to Keep Your Social Network From Stalling

The artists I work with as an artist manager and through marketing music would tell you that the first question I ask is “What’s your Social Networth?” In other words “How many followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest will take action from something you post?”  Note that I didn’t say “How many followers do you have?” Your Social Networth will undoubtedly determine how many records you sell in the new music industry model!

Most artists are attempting to do some kind of social networking but unfortunately, they approach it in the wrong way. In a quest to self promote themselves as quickly as possible they only talk about “me”. I would encourage anyone trying to build their Social Networth to talk about others. My favorite people to follow on Twitter are those who give others props and retweet other interesting tweets. If you only promote “me” then myself and millions of others will NOT be interested in what you have to say. It’s  surprising how many artists call me to complain that other artists don’t retweet them but yet they rarely talk about other artists themselves. If you aren’t Kanye West or Kim Kardashian, I’m afraid the total self promotion model won’t work.

Being interesting will also increase your Social Networth. Put a little more thought into what you post. Others will want to know about your life if you invite them to engage and interact. Instead of posting “I had toast for breakfast” maybe reword as “who decided toast is breakfast item?” Your followers will know you probably had toast for breakfast but now you have brought them into the conversation.

5 Tips To Keep Your Social Network From Stalling

Be Interesting

Invite & Engage

Be Consistent

Talk About Others

Retweet, Like, Share what others are saying (Including other artists!)