Christian Artist Managers and Booking Agents Unite

Artist Garden Entertainment recently attended our second Connect meeting in Nashville. Connect is group of artist managers and booking agents in the Nashville, TN area who meet once a month to build relationships with one another. Connect was created by Andrew Patton and Gregg Oliver. During the meeting, we are encouraged to leave business conversations at the door and focus on connecting deeper with other personally. Each week there is great food and a guest speaker. This week we were privileged to have Amy Grant speak and play a few songs. Amy was so eloquent as always and told a few stories that touched everyone’s heart. After Amy’s time, we broke out into smaller groups and discussed personal life issues with one another. As we were discussing things in our smaller group, someone made a comment that really made us all so grateful for Amy. The statement was made that there probably wouldn’t be a Contemporary Christian Music Industry as we know it had it not been for Amy. Sure there were other people singing about their Christian Faith, but Amy brought Christian Music into the mainstream which launched a huge business. Business is always hard for me to say in the same sentence as the word Christian, but then I think about the millions of lives that have been changed as a result of the Christian Music Business. As hard as it for some to understand how Christian and business go together (including me), I am reminded why we all do what we do. All Christians want to spread God’s word and see lives changed but we are a privileged few who get to do that daily through our jobs. My perspective on what I am doing daily was changed today and I am thankful for Connect! Visit us at