Christian Musician Summit Comes To Nashville!

Great news for musicians, artists and worship leaders as the Christian Musician Summit is coming to Nashville October 5 & 6! The CMS Summit that has been so successful in Seattle, Sacramento, Phoenix and Buffalo now makes its first ever appearance in Music City USA. The Nashville Summit promises to be extra special as it will incorporate some of the greatest musicians from both Christian & Country music. Seminars on songwriting, instrument techniques, worship leading and special concerts from some of the greats are what one can expect. Just some of the artists/musicians/songwriters who will be appearing include Phil Keaggy, NewWorldSon, One Sonic Society, Brenton Brown, Steve Taylor, Zoro, Casey Beathard, Allen Shamblin, Ed Hill, Tim Rushlow, Ashley Cleveland, Ian Eskelin, Rick Cua and our very own StompTown Revival!  Its also a great opportunity to rub elbows with some of the top execs in the Record Label & Publishing industry. Visit this link to find out more and register