CIA Summit

This past weekend, I attended some of the CIA Summit . IndieHeaven puts this summit on every year but this was my first year to attend. I was very surprised at the professional presentation of the overall show. Not that I would expect anything less from IndieHeaven, but some of major music industry organizations could take serious notes from Keith Mohr’s CIA Summit. They offered great panels including A&R/Production, Digital Marketing and Future of the Music Industry. A big highlight for me was watching Tom Jackson’s session dealing with how artist should present themselves on stage. One thing that was very impressive was how attentive and engaged the audience was throughout all of the panels. It wasn’t the typical jaded audience that I encounter at many of the major music industry conventions. These artist were there to learn. If you are an indie artist, I would encourage you to check out and get involved with They offer some great insight to their members including this great summit!