Communication Reveals Character

While technology enables humans to be more efficient it also exposes the true character of a person.  Many artists tend to feel they have more liberty than others with their business communication in the name of “being a creative” That attitude is an incredibly disrespectful action and almost always results in a lack of success and loss of opportunities.

I hear stories of artists’ habitual poor communication from other managers and at times I experience it first hand. If an artist truly respects their manager, booking agent, record label and other business people in their life then they will show it and operate with excellence like we are all called to do.  I have yet to meet an artist who doesn’t own a smartphone and they are fairly easy to use. If there is time to grab a Starbucks, download a new record on iTunes or call a friend, then surely artists can find time to communicate with the business people in their life.

What character does your communication reveal?