cre:ate 2010

Brandon Bee  cre:ate 2010

Brandon Bee cre:ate 2010

The Music Gardener had the opportunity to attend the cre:ate 2010 conference in Franklin, TN last week. WOW! What an incredible week. The conference led by musician/artist/author, Randy Elrod, was loaded with incredible music and encouraging speakers. Music highlights of the week were Audry Assad, Brandon Bee, Leeland and Gunger. All four artists had two things in common – Incredible songs and unique artistry that stands out above the rest! Conference attendees had the privilege of hearing Chick-fil-A’s President/CEO Dan Cathy talk about how they create such a unique experience and rabid fan base for their restaurants. The message of creating culture with excellence and passion was the conference “take away” for me. The artists and speakers that appeared at the conference blaze their own trails while shaping culture with their unique brand of excellent art. Capping the week off was the release of cre:ate founder Randy Elrod’s new book Sex, Lies & Religion . The book promises to shake up some conservative thinking which fit in perfectly with the conference!