Creating a Great First Impression!

I receive a number of inquiries each week from artists looking for an artist manager or help marketing their music. The first thing I look for is their website and I am surprised how many artists don’t have one. The website allows me or potential fans to quickly sum up the state of an artist’s career. If there isn’t a website, I look no further. While I am a huge proponent for social network sites, using them as a website screams “I am an amateur and I have a long way to go before I’m ready for the Big League!” Social network accounts should be used to drive people to your website with the actual website serving as the home base hub. WordPress has made it extremely easy for anyone with a computer to create an inexpensive site with a high dollar feel. It’s really simple to create that great first impression which will set you apart from thousands of other artists.

Five Ways To Create A Great First Impression With Your Website

1) Make sure music can be easily streamed

2) Include Great Photos

3) Post All Tour Dates

4) Include Contact Info

5) Include links to Twitter/Facebook Accounts

Do you have any examples of Great First Impression websites?