Dear Christian Radio…

Dear Christian Radio,

Did you ever think Borders Bookstores would be forced to close it’s doors due to lack of business? Do you remember when physical record stores were on every corner? Did it surprise you how quickly both things disappeared? As we approach Christian radio’s yearly Momentum conference, there are a few things I would encourage you to be thinking about and addressing. Transition in the way we consume music is barreling through like a freight train! What’s your plan?

– Do you have a strategy in place for listeners as they transition from terrestrial radio to Pandora, Spotify and the soon to be launched iCloud? Sitting through the Momentum conference last year, I was amazed how this issue wasn’t even addressed.

Are you so focused on “Becky” (or whatever you are calling her now) that you have become irrelevant to her kids who will in no way choose a station that sounds 5 to 10 years behind current pop music?

-Playlists have shrunk to a point where it is nearly impossible for new artists to find their way onto your station. It takes a major label spending $30-40K on a fly-in and another $15-$20K for a radio tour to even get your attention. Wouldn’t that money be better spent on real ministry? 

-New Christian artists are unable to sustain themselves without airplay and radio playlists are so narrow that very few artists are able to break through. Without new artists, there is no future for Christian music. 

-Is your “radio testing” a true picture of what your listeners want to hear or is it designed in a way to tell you what you want to hear?

I hope this year’s Momentum conference is a benefit to all and that you challenge each other in ways that will help you transition quickly as change is definitely upon us!