Do You Need An iPad 2?

iPad 2

iPad 2

When the iPad was first introduced a year ago, I really didn’t feel the need to purchase one. Why would I need yet another device to keep up with? I would often play with the demo iPads during visits to the Apple store but I still didn’t feel the need. As I began doing a little more research on some of the apps being created for the iPad, my curiosity was slightly aroused but I still didn’t understand the hoopla. Could the iPad possibly prove to be the next frontier for marketing music?

Fast Forward a year later to the release of the iPad 2. The addition of the camera on the front and back pushed it over the edge for me. I’m one of those guys who doesn’t like to feel that I’m not in the know with tech gear that touches music and entertainment in any way. That feeling began to sink in. Every day I was introduced to some new app that could possibly change the way we consume and interact with music and video. Fortunately, I had a birthday shortly after the release of the iPad 2 and I have an amazing wife who decided to surprise me with a wonderful gift…the iPad 2.

Wow! In a few short weeks, the iPad 2 has drastically changed my every day life. It’s amazing how quickly the iPad 2 has replaced the many tasks I formerly did with my laptop. Once I began using my Mobile Me account in conjunction with the iDisc App, I now have all of my files at my fingertips with my iPad 2 and an internet connection. Over the next few months, I will explore and share some of the amazing apps I am discovering.

Do You Need An iPad 2 ?