Does Your Marketing Suck?

The Ultimate Vacuum!

The Ultimate Vacuum!

If your marketing doesn’t SUCK maybe you need a better plan? The whole idea of marketing is to create a plan that causes consumers/customers to joyously suck up your goods or services. In order to create the suction, you need a plan.

Before Diana and I launched Artist Garden Entertainment, I logged 20 years working for record companies. I worked on the distribution side and we were dependent on our record labels to provide marketing plans. Surprisingly, for the last seven years that I worked for one of the big Christian music companies, I saw very few marketing plans from our 15+ labels. There were a few exceptions, Big Idea and INO, who did provide exceptional marketing plans for every release. It’s no surprise those two companies continue to excel while the others went out of business or soon will be closing their doors. The frustration I had with the absence of marketing plans in Christian music drove me deep into a study of marketing. What I found was, it’s really not that difficult to write and implement a plan. The marketing plan is your road map to reaching the consumer. As Dora The Explorer says “Without a map how would we know where to go? Can you say map?” (Can you tell I spend time with children?)

I do quite a bit of marketing these days and without a marketing plan, I would be lost. I thought it would be fun to roll out one of my plans on The Music Gardener blog. Over the next month or so, I will be posting a blog series called “The Marketing Plan” Wow! I know that title is creative but “it is what it is.” I’m saving my creativity for the actual plan. Hopefully, you will glean something out of what I share. I encourage you to leave comments with your thoughts. Input from creative people is priceless!

Tomorrow I will begin the series with “Defining your Target Consumer”