Dude Perfect

This week has been interesting around Artist Garden Entertainment. We got an e-mail at the beginning of the week from one of the members of Manic Bloom, a band we manage. Apparently some college guys at Texas A&M put together a video showing amazing backyard basketball shots and posted it on YouTube. They call the video Dude Perfect. The guys chose a Manic Bloom song “Running From The Scene” for the soundtrack to the video and they were kind enough to add a link to the Manic Bloom website. By Thursday evening, the Dude Perfect video was blowing up! The video went from 40k views to 100k views by Friday morning. As I was checking voice mail Friday morning, there was an urgent message from Good Morning America. I also had an urgent e-mail from Good Morning America. Thinking it was a prank, I called the number on the voice mail. It was indeed Good Morning America. They were looking to get in touch with the guys in the video. We scrambled around on our end trying to find a phone number as all we had was an e-mail address. Good Morning America aired a clip from the video Friday morning and plan on airing again this week with an interview with the Dude Perfect guys. All I can say for Manic Bloom is Dude Perfect!