First Thoughts From The American Music Awards

American Music Awards

My first thoughts from the American Music Awards. The good, the bad & the ugly!

– Nicki Minaj – Nice speakers!

– Can’t wait to go to Old Navy and wear 3d glasses…NOT!

– Justin Bieber performance (was that Brandon Bee on drums?) His voice is changing. Yikes!

– The Band Perry – Great Performance!

– Chris Brown – Every time I see you I have this urge to punch you for hitting a girl.

– Jennifer Hudson – Was that the mic you hit or was it something else? Congrats on loosing the weight & looking great!

– Rhianna. You kicked Chris Brown’s butt. Congrats! Well deserved!

– Jennifer Lopez – We have heard enough. Thanks for playing.

– Sprint – You are freaking me out about my data usage. Still not switching.

– Ryan Tedder (One Republic) – Bad performance but nice Pete Orta guitar toss!

– Taylor Swift – Classy! Congrats!

– Pit Bull – I would rather have seen you duet with Michael Vic

– Katy Perry – That was very pink!

– Maroon 5 – uneventful

– Adele- Congrats!

– Jennifer Lopez – Will-i-am was cool enough to do the glow in the dark dance number but you look a bit old for that one.

– Artist of The Year – Congrats Taylor Swift! My niece really likes you.

– LMFAO – That was the most awesome finale ever!