Good Ol’ College Radio

Artist Garden Entertainment spent some time this last week working on a marketing plan to break an artist. Everything we hear daily is that the music industry is crumbling and nothing works as it used to in regards to marketing and selling records. However, there seems to be a marketing constant that most industry experts agree is vital to breaking a rock artist. You start with the college audience. As I spent time with experts in the college marketing field, I couldn’t help but notice that college marketing hasn’t changed significantly in the last twenty years. College radio is still the hub. Why hasn’t that changed like the rest of the music marketing methods? Maybe there is some loyalty at the college level to their radio station? Is it a sense that radio stations should be supported like their college sports teams are supported? Hard to really say but I do think it has something to do with the amount of new music and the variety of music that college radio plays. The average run for a record at college radio is 8 weeks. That is light speed compared to commercial rock or pop radio. I am looking forward to being in the college marketing mix again. It reminds me of my first year in the music business when we were working on breaking acts like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Megadeth, Crowded House and the Cocteau Twins. Those were fun days! I’m looking forward to this familiar little ride through college marketing!