Goodbye Dallas


While our family was celebrating Thanksgiving weekend, we experienced an extremely sad loss as our little dog Dallas passed away on Saturday. We knew his time was coming, as he had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure a few months back, but yet it still seemed so sudden. Dallas had been with us fourteen years and was loved as much as any other family member.

The overwhelming condolences on Facebook and Twitter remind us of how many lives Dallas touched within the music industry. His early years were spent traveling on planes and tour buses with my wife and daughter as they traveled across the US for concerts. Prior to 911, they would often sneak him into airplanes & hotels in a jacket pocket. He spent many a night backstage or in autograph lines. At one show, his white fur turned grey due to the many fans petting him as they made there way through through Jaci’s meet/greet line. Dallas was mentioned in national magazines and talked about on TV & radio shows shows across the country. He would often sit through marketing brainstorming sessions in hopes that they would lead to food endorsements. Dallas even made a recent Youtube appearance as the Save The City Records Dog resulting in a radio add for Mr Talkbox.

Dallas loved people, music and fine food (chicken, ice cream & bacon flavored Beggin’ Strips)  He was even known to sip a cup of coffee from unsuspecting guests He wouldn’t allow anyone to enter our home without greeting him first.. There was only one person thoughout his life that he didn’t seem to like, a young Scottish lad named Gareth who ran a music distributor in the UK. We never really knew why but assumed there had to be good reason.

Dallas – my incredible friend, confidant, family member and music industry mogul… you will truly be missed!