How to Get a Record Deal

At Artist Garden Entertainment, we field many phone calls and emails each week from people pursuing a career as an artist in the music business. It is amazing how many people think they are ready for a record deal or an artist management deal and they don’t have one good recording of themselves or one date on the books. I actually received a call a few weeks back from someone who had performed one time in front of people and he was convinced his new music career was so out of control that he needed a manager immediately. Really?

Below is a checklist of four essential things that any artist needs to have in place before they are ready to even begin talking to record labels or management about a deal.

1) do you play over 50 dates/year? We actually prefer 100 dates/year as do most labels before we are interested in talking to you.

2) can you pack out a show in your hometown on a regular basis?

3) do you have a website with great photos, bio, tour dates and music we can hear?

4) do you have a great sounding demo of at least 3-5 great songs?