iPhone 5 Available April 15!

Once again Steve Jobs & Apple create a Cupertino style earthquake heard around the world with last night’s announcement of the iPhone 5! Many were expecting the announcement to come later this summer but Jobs’ announcement that the iPhone 5 would be available on tax day, April 15, reminds us of how he thrives on the wow factor and element of surprise. Apple apparently made a deal with every state in the US to waive all sales tax for the big “tax day’ launch.

There are some exciting new additions for the iPhone 5 guaranteed to satisfy any Apple fan. The biggest news centers around the fact that the iPhone 5 is a satellite phone which will make all mobile phone carriers obsolete!  Apple partnered with Richard Branson’s Virgin Satellite company, Virgo, to create a phone experience that will change the way the world communicates. Apple and Virgo will be giving away a trip to space aboard Branson’s Virgin Galactic to 5 lucky winners. Five iPhone 5s will be loaded with a winning message and mixed in with the first week shipments which are expected to be near 2.1 million!

Not yet confirmed but inside sources say Apple will offer a 500 gig version of the iPhone 5 for $999.

New iPhone 5 Features

– Satellite Communication

– iCloud Music Service – access any song in the iTunes store from anywhere

– 4 cameras giving 360 degree peripheral view

– New A5 Processing Chip

– Thought Calling (you think it and the phone dials)

– Cinema Time let’s you watch movies currently in theaters on your phone

– Bullet proof screen guaranteed not to shatter

We are so excited to be one of the first blogs to wish you a very happy April fools with a totally fake story about Apple that we dreamed up for the iPhone 5. April iFools!