Jewelry & Music

2dangle-web-logo I never really thought I would be talking about jewelry and music in the same sentence until this week. This past week was the marketing launch of my wife’s jewelry line 2dangle. We have had a lot of fun creating the launch plan. Of course, I was given the task of creating the website and doing the marketing for 2dangle. My first task was the website. If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know how adamant I am about using a blogsite instead of a static website and that is exactly what I did for 2dangle using WordPress as the engine.  The first day of the website launch we saw 4 times the views of the biggest day on any of my other blogs. Day two brought almost 1,000 views! That told me something immediately. More people are interested in jewelry than music. We happened to run into fashion designer Jeff Garner who was putting the final touches on his Prophetik fall fashion show. Jeff asked to use 2dangle jewelry in his fashion show. What an amazing opportunity! As we watched the fashion show, something inside me began to stir as music played such a huge role in the Prophetik fashion show. Why not create musical earrings? Only joking… but it did make me start wondering why jewelry creates so much more blog traffic and interest than music. One conclusion that I came to is that jewelry is considered a daily necessity in people’s identity. The watch, the earrings or the necklace one wears projects a personal image/identity.  I can remember back in my high school days when the music one listened to played such an important role in their identity. Music appears to have lost it’s significance as a necessity in people’s daily lives. Can the music industry change that? Figuring that one simple thing out could possibly be the key to reversing the sales decline in music.