Ledisi Missing At The 2015 Grammy Awards?

Hard to believe but the 2015 Grammy Awards have come and gone. The great thing about that significant event is the fact that we will soon see the big contenders for next year’s awards begin to surface. I always look forward to the new music ushered in for spring.

I must say this year’s performances were much better than what was delivered last year on the Grammy stage. AC/DC opening up the show was a milestone and the guys didn’t look as old and tired as one might have expected them to. Lady Gaga finally sang a song that showcased an amazingly beautiful voice that has taken a back seat to her shock antics. Pharrell Williams had one of the most brilliant performances of the evening in which he gave his mega hit song “Happy” a new and interesting spin. Madonna looked more like Ertha Kit in Boomerang as she begged the audience to stand up to join her in granny aerobics. Katy Perry sounded fabulous while donning a new classy look and Ed Sheeran showed the world why so many folks buy his records. Miranda Lambert put on quite the show proving her worthiness at the top of Country music. Brandy Clark and Dwight Yokoam created what was probably my favorite performance of the evening forcing me to buy Brandy’s record immediately. John Mayer’s new look sporting a pink Charvel Jackson was indeed a surprise and the quick lead he shredded showed Charvels can reach well beyond hammer-ons! Beck winning ¬†Album Of The Year was the big surprise and seeing Kanye West stupidness makes me extremely happy that Beyonce didn’t win. Can’t we ban Kanye Worst from award shows?

Speaking of Beyonce, why in the world would the Grammys have her perform the song that currently belongs to Ledici? I understand the Grammy Awards desire to increase viewership but I always thought the Grammy’s were a little more concerned about honoring great musicians than caving in for the popular vote? And Beyonce…come on…don’t you have enough? If I were Beyonce and asked to sing someone else’s song I think I would have used my influence to ensure my fellow sister got the deserved shot on the Grammy stage. That could have been a defining moment for Ledisi’s career. Instead viewers were forced to watch Beyonce again. Sigh.