Lifework 2.0


Last week Artist Garden Entertainment had the opportunity to attend Randy Elrod and Spence   Smith’s Lifework 2.0 seminar again. Lifework provides a wealth of web 2.0 knowledge  that helps us as artist managers and with our music marketing. One great bonus with the seminar is that they allow alumni to attend future seminars at no cost. This has been a huge help as there is so much information being taught in a single day. It sometimes takes me a few times to really grasp the techno talk and Randy and Spence are constantly introducing new developing web 2.0 techniques. Lifework is responsible for the Music Gardener blog. I didn’t have a clue as to how to begin to blog until taking their class. Even though I still have much to learn, I finally have a solid understanding of blogging, Twittering and SEO. If you work in any aspect in the music world, I highly reccomend taking their next class!