Marketing Christian Music in 2009

It’s New Year’s Eve and the holidays will soon be coming to an end. Not only the holidays will be ending but so will 2008. As I reflect on the Christian music industry, every marketing plan and idea that I contributed to this year scrolls through my brain. WOW Hits 2009, Jaci Velasquez, Barlowgirl, Francesca Battistelli and God Bless the USA were some of the releases I played a role in this year.  The one common denominator with all of them is “how could I have marketed smarter?” Marketing music changes so rapidly that methods used in January 2008 didn’t work so well in November 2008.  The new set of web 2.0 skills that I obtained in November sure would have been nice to have had in place in January. This year I have resolved to stay on the cutting edge of marketing and in no way settle for the comfortable traditional marketing models. Marketing Christian Music in 2009 will be certainly be an adventure. Artist Garden Entertainment is ready for the adventure! Visit us at