Marketing Christmas Music

During this Christmas season, I am reminded of a strange incident that happened to me a few years back while pitching a Point of Grace Christmas cd to the music department for Target stores. After I made the big presentation about the incredible marketing we had in place and how many cds we planned on selling, the head of purchasing spoke a few words that I will never forget. In a very serious tone she informed me “we try to stay away from Christian music during the Christmas season…it just doesn’t sell” Thinking there was a punch line on the way, I remained silent. No punch line followed. At that moment, I realized how far away the world has really gotten from the reason we actually celebrate Christmas. Christmas has become one of the biggest consumer marketing terms ever in history of the world. Some businesses do 60% of their business during Christmas every year! It appears that the single biggest contributor to the world’s economy is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Imagine how our economy would change if we celebrated the birth of Jesus year round?  Imagine how the world would change if everyone who celebrated Christmas actually knew what they were celebrating? Visit us at