Marketing Music On Pinterest

As a music marketing professional, I like to explore all things new on the horizon and especially when it comes to social network marketing. When I first heard of Pinterest, I avoided joining due to the reports I was hearing that its primary users are women trading recipes and craft ideas. Afraid of losing my manliness, i decided to hold off joining. To my surprise, news recently broke that Pinterest is now ranked the #3 social network behind Facebook & Twitter. That definitely got my attention! After attending Podcamp Nashville and listening to a panel on Pinterest, I knew it was time to join. One of the panelist, Daniel Bear Hunley, talked about the explosion of Pinterest and how he had picked up 2 million followers in just a few months. That excited me and made me realize its okay for men to join. I am now the proud owner of a brand new Pinterest Account.

Up till now, the music industry hasn’t found a way to maximize Pinterest as a platform to drive sales. I am sure we are minutes away from some new artist exploding due to a clever way of using Pinterest. I of course would like to be the person to figure it out, so I am madly attempting to master the technique of being a great “Pinner”. This past weekend, I uploaded and pinned a photo I took of a beautiful door in Nappa. Within five minutes, I proudly had 20 re-pins from total strangers and my door photo appeared on the main page of Pinterest! Wow! The adrenaline was pumping. Through my experimenting, I discovered that food, gardening, architecture and fashion are huge items of interest. We just have to figure out how to sneak music into those buckets.

I would encourage all artist to join Pinterest and start building your platform. That brilliant idea of promoting music on Pinterest is just around the corner. I look forward to hearing any ideas you may be trying?

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