Marketing Music through Blogging

It amazes me what little information many people in the music industry know about blogging. I guess it really shouldn’t surprise me as my first real exposure was only about six months ago and I have been in the music business for twenty years. The power of blogging is incredible! As I run across more bloggers with massive followings, the marketing ideas begin to explode. Some bloggers have 10,000+ people visiting their blog daily. Their subscribers are devoted followers. Seth Godin describes these followers as the blogger’s Tribe. (by the way, I highly recommend Seth Godin’s book Tribes along with subscribing to his blog) The blogger’s subscribers can’t get enough. They follow their blog, they follow them on Twitter hanging on to every word the blogger types. I really expected these powerful bloggers to be “hard to get to blogging rock stars” but they are really receptive to someone who is genuinely interested in them and recognizes their ability to influence. The bloggers I have had contact with are very approachable. Every marketing plan that I design in 2009 will include blogging. Blogging is the new music marketing tool for me in 2009! Need some marketing or blogging consulting? Visit us at