Marketing Taglines For Music

Marketing taglines are often overlooked in the fast paced music business. Driven by the haste of rushing to meet release deadlines, many marketers opt for letting the album artwork sell itself. While I see covers capable of selling themselves, those covers normally belong to major superstar artists. The Beatles White Album and Metallica’s Metallica needed absolutely nothing but a solid color and the band’s name, however,  I would argue when releasing lesser known artists, a little more creativity is crucial to the marketing.

There is a reason most every consumer product outside of music is promoted with a tagline. A well crafted tagline plants a need in consumers’ minds by promising an experience that will make their life better in some way. Music creates more of an emotional experience than any other product so why not use that allure to draw them in for the sell? When I’m marketing new music, a tagline is the first thing I create after I’ve been given the title of the album. In my humble opinion, Tagline is key!

Below is an example of a tagline we are currently working on for C3 Live which is a live worship record recorded at C3 Church San Diego.