Marriage Conference For Parents of Special Needs Children

I know what your thinking. What does a marriage conference have to do with music? And the answer is…when marriages are great it’s “music to my ears” My wife and I are part of a marriage building team at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN and we are sponsoring a marriage conference for Parents of Special Needs children on April 21. Please pass this info on to any couples you know with special needs children in the Nashville, TN area.


The odds are staggering.  According to some studies, the divorce rate for couples who have one or more children with special needs is as high as 85-90%.

So what can couples with special-needs children do to beat the disability-and-divorce odds?  According to Dr. Laura Marshak, author of Married with Special-Needs Children, “One of the first things couples can do is to make a decision to protect their marriage; they must understand that they are entitled to a decent marriage, no matter how many needs their children have, One of the steps involved with this is deciding that their relationship as a couple extends beyond parenting and that they need to devote at least a little bit of time to it.”

Parents of special needs children do not need to become one of those statistics.  There is hope.  There is help.

On April 21st, Tangled House Ministries and Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN are sponsoring a “Bring Home… Home” marriage seminar specifically for parents of children with special needs.  Couples will be equipped with the principles for having a healthy and successful marriage considering the unique set of challenges they face and the pressures that accompany a child with special needs.  You will gain practical, time-tested principles that will give a new perspective on many of the life circumstances you face.   This seminar is about you.  Take some time to focus on your marriage.  It’s worth it.

Join us on Saturday, April 21st from 9:00 – 12:00 at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood.   The “Bringing Hope… Home” seminar is $30 per couple and childcare is available for children with or without special needs.  For more information visit