Mumford & Sons Release a Masterpiece

I search high and low for new great music daily but not since Ed Sheeran’s X has my appetite been satisfied. Mumford & Sons released their new record Wilder Mind on May 4. I was a little slow getting around to giving the record a listen as I expected much of what their last album brought which included a couple songs I love and the rest not so much. Wow…was I ever so wrong. I would argue that Mumford & Sons new record “Wilder Mind” could very well be the “Joshua Tree” of 2015. This record is going to have a lasting impact for years to come and should catapult them to the top of world’s greatest bands joining the likes of U2 and Coldplay. The songwriting offered with this record reaches deep into the soul and the production is genius! I highly recommend “Wilder Mind” as your next purchase if you haven’t bought it.