Music Blog Servicing

We have recently added blog servicing to our music marketing services at Artist Garden Entertainment. With blogging becoming the new marketing platform, it is natural that we should be utilizing every avenue in the blogosphere. We have worked on building a “trust level” relationship with some very influential bloggers. Being selective and targeted with what music we service to these bloggers is key to our ongoing relationship.  It is similar to servicing radio by format in that you need to know what type of music the blogger enjoys and will potentially write about. The bloggers we target don’t primarily blog about music which makes it even more interesting for their readers. We are looking for the “Oprah effect” as the majority of our bloggers cater to a similar demographic as Oprah. These bloggers have 10,000+ people a day reading their blogs which gives them a huge influence that spans across the US and the world in come cases. Many of their readers are also bloggers which can result in an large multiplying effect. Music blog servicing would be a nice addition to any marketing plan and could prove to be a cure for some of the challenges we face at radio.

Our current blog servicing is best fit for AC, Pop and Christian Music, but we will be expanding into other genres soon.  If you would like to know more about the music blog servicing we offer, please contact us at