My Top 3 Records of 2014!

As 2014 draws to a close, I took a look at the music that hugely impacted my life this year. Those records that moved from casual streaming on Spotify to a permanent spot in my iTunes library. While I enjoy many different genres and I especially like discovering new artists, very few albums move into heavy rotation on my top album playlist. This year there were three records that stood out amongst the plethora of music that traveled through my ear canals to the sensory points of my brain. These records moved me in incredible ways stirring emotion and giving me brief escapes from the daily grind of life.


1) for King & Country  – Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong

This record logged in more listens from me than any other record this year. Its nice to see an artist create a musical journey from start to finish and for King & Country did exactly that. I love they way they include spoken word and digital black moments to knit the songs together as it draws me in for an even deeper listen. Defying the singles driven listening we have become so accustomed to, this record proves that creating an entire album experience is still possible. I am truly inspired both lyrically and musically by brothers Joel & Luke.


2) Coldplay – Ghost Stories

When Coldplay released Ghost Stories, many listeners immediately dismissed the record complaining that it was dark and depressive. I honestly don’t think those people gave it a true listen. While its obvious many of the lyrics were penned from Chris Martin’s broken marriage experience, the record also contains some emotionally inspiring moments. The anthem “Sky Full of Stars” has become the ringtone I assigned to my beautiful wife as it creates such a swell of joy in my heart. Ghost Stories is my “go to” music for daily bike rides. For some reason, it encourages me to push hard on those cold mornings while helping me forget about my freezing fingers & toes.


3) Ryan Corn – Ryan Corn

I work with a lot of music as an artist manager and music marketer. Nothing I have personally worked with in my 25 years in the music industry has stirred my soul like the music that Ryan Corn creates. I’m so grateful that we have the opportunity to work with him daily and we are thrilled that his first major label release is finally available to the public. Ryan’s lyrics encourage, uplift and challenge me to celebrate the Wonderful Things in life! I also happen to have inside information that there is a trunk full of additional music in cue for 2015.