Nashville Scene “Best of Nashville” Awards!

Best of Nashville

Best of Nashville

I am honored and thankful for all of my readers who voted for The Music Gardener in the Nashville Scene’s “Best of Nashville” Awards this year. The Music Gardener was listed as the #3 Best Music Blog by readers of the Nashville Scene for 2010! Below is my Top 10 list on why #3 is such a special number to me.

Top 10 Reasons #3 is such a special number

1) #3 keeps me humble

2) #3 is a tie breaker

3) #3 is better than #4!

4) #3 in Music City is much better than #1 in a non-music city

5)  #3 is still in the Top 5, Top 10 and Top 20!

6) The coolest vehicle ever, The Big Wheel, has 3 wheels

7) As a Tennessee Titans fan, I have learned to appreciate field goals

8) Triple scoop ice cream cones rock!

9) 3 car garages are the bomb!

10) The Waltz is the one dance I do well! (1,2,3… 1,2,3)