New Music In Nashville

We have been checking out a great deal of new music lately with the launch of our management company. When we first make contact with a band, and their website is our first exposure. With the low cost of recording, most artist are able to put together a pretty good sounding package on their own. That can make it difficult to get a true picture of the artist so we try to see them live as soon as possible. One of my favorite venues in Nashville to see new bands is The Rutledge. The room sounds great, it’s comfortable, they don’t allow smoking and they have tiered seating. Last night we were invited to see a fairly new band called Manic Bloom. These guys put on a fantastic show! They are all phenomenal musicians and an extremely tight band. Not that they sound like these bands but there musicianship and the intricate melodic runs reminded me of some of the prog rock bands I grew up listening to; Marillion, Rush, Yes, Genesis and Iron Maiden (not exactly prog rock). It is great to see a band where each member is equally a master of their instrument. I would recommend Manic Bloom as a band to see live! You won’t be disappointed. Visit us at