One Great Music Attorney!

When we launched Artist Garden Entertainment, one of the first things we had to find was an honest attorney that we could trust. We needed to incorporate and we needed someone to draft artist contracts. As we began to shop around, the initial sticker shock just about killed me! Actually, it made me wish that I had went to law school. After the shock began to wear off, we began shopping for an attorney. In our first two years, we went through three attorneys before we found one that we felt like we could trust.

Jefferson Wallace is one the most trust worthy music attorneys in Nashville. When he is working on our behalf, I don’t have to wonder if he is padding the hours. He gets the job done without surprises. Jefferson is truly a man of integrity and he is an excellent attorney. I highly recommend you check out Jefferson if you are looking for a great, honest music attorney. Tell him the Music Gardener sent you!

Jefferson A. Wallace PLLC    615-515-0911