Pay Your Manager!

At Artist Garden Entertainment, we meet with artists looking for artist managers on a fairly regular basis. We have noticed a common thread among artists who have previously had management. They are very gun shy about paying someone to represent them due to some bad experience they had with past management or the artist is too focused on saving money. First of all, let’s clear the air. All managers are not lame. If you do want to grow your career, then you absolutely need a manger. There are good managers available, you just need to do your homework to find them. Talk to other artist they manage, booking agents they have worked with or record companies they have worked with in the past. A Google search should reveal people they have worked with. Contact those people for references just like any other business hiring an employee would do. If you hear about more than one negative experience, then you should proceed with caution.  A good manager should be paid from the beginning of the relationship if money is being generated. Your manager is working all aspects of your career, not just things surrounding live dates. Personally, I wouldn’t want someone working for me that I was unwilling to pay. How hard do you think they will work for you knowing they aren’t being compensated? Let me ask the question “would you take a job under the premise that you will not get paid for your first few months of work?”  We know it is a tough decision finding management but once you find them don’t ne afraid to pay them!