Postage Stamp Marketing

Postage Stamp

As delivery methods for selling & consuming music changed drastically with the launch of iTunes & the iPod, so have methods for marketing & branding music. Record company marketing departments are now forced to think in 1″ square due to the space that iTunes uses to feature album artwork. With the decline of music sales, Target, Best Buy and Walmart began shrinking their advertising space in the weekly circulars to match that 1″ square. FacebookTwitter and other social networks have driven the world even deeper into 1″ square with the tiny space dedicated for profile pictures. The inevitable 1″ square, which is roughly the size of a postage stamp, is now the world that marketing & branding must operate in. How we maximize that space is more important than ever! I call it Postage Stamp Marketing.

Five Key Rules For Postage Stamp Marketing

– Every pixel matters. Determine your primary message & use every pixel at your disposal for that message

– Use color & design that pops making your cover stand out amongst other 1″ squares

– Use as few words as possible to deliver your message

– Developing artist – your name is the most important thing on the cover!

– Compare your 1″ square side by side with other covers on the current iTunes front page