Produce Your Own EPK

Can I just say that Apple amazes me daily! I have taken a few of their free workshops over the last couple of weeks and I am happier than ever that I bought Macbook a few months back. The iLife software which comes loaded on your Mac is absolutely incredible. One of the workshops I recently attended, was for iMovie which is part of the iLife suite. I have played around with iMovie making home movies but iLife 09 has some great new added features. I think the time has arrived that I will attempt to put together my own EPKs. I do apologize to any readers whose business model is built around producing EPKs but I think your plan may be in trouble? Much like iTunes changed the way music is sold and Garage Band and Pro Tools changed the way music is recorded, I expect iMovie will have a huge impact on the EPK business. Especially with the shrinking marketing budgets in the music industry. I’m not saying that companies that focus on EPKs need to throw in the towel just yet but their business model will probably be forced to change as businesses discover what they can do on their own and how easy it is. For the price of a Mac, which they start around $1,000, you can produce an unlimited number of EPKs. The last time I checked it was hard to find anyone to do even a simple EPK for less than $1,500 and they are normally going to cost in the 3k-5k range. The one major missing element that I see is the fact that you still need to be creative and know how to write and produce a great EPK. I also realize that the lighting and video quality won’t look as nice as hiring a professional company, but honestly, EPK’s don’t need to look like a $10,000 video these days. Here is a link to a resource for filming and lighting techniques that may help you This “how to”video series was developed by NightGlass Media Group. I should probably be clear on the fact that I haven’t actually made an EPK using the iMovie software, however, I plan to attempt making one soon. Once we have the results, I will post a link and let you be the judge. Artist Garden Entertainment