Radio’s Biggest Fear!



I had the opportunity to spend last week on the road with one of our artists for a radio promotional tour.  We spent much of our time discussing the testing process many stations use to determine what artists and songs to play in order to keep their listeners happy. Several of the music directors shared some insight with us, which of course caused my music marketing mind to spin.

A Radio Station’s Biggest Fear is losing listeners. Some radio experts believe “Listeners don’t tune out because they hate a particular song…They tune out because they aren’t familiar with a certain song”

There in lies the dilemma for new artist trying to get on the radio.

With those thoughts in mind, an idea was birthed. Wouldn’t it make sense for new artists to record a cover song for their first single to radio? Would that increase their chances for radio stations to add their single? After all, it removes “unfamiliar” from the equation which should result in better testing and happy listeners?

What are your thoughts and ideas on getting new artists on radio?