Social Networks – The New Frontier for Marketing Music

Artist Garden Entertainment has been flying the social network banner for quite some time now. We are believers in this new cost effective way of marketing. So much so that we sometimes wear out our artist with constant reminders of how they need to spend more time with the social networks engaging their fans and followers in conversation. A good friend of mine and expert in web 2.0 marketing, Spence Smith, recently made the statement that drastically changed the way I look at marketing. He stated that “marketers need to stop thinking campaigns and start thinking conversations” WOW! That should rock some marketing minds.

I want to share one of the most creative social network promotions that I have seen recently which was launched by producer/artist Dallas Austin. Dallas recently released his album “8 Daze a Weakend” and will soon release a movie with the same name. He created a “conversation” with his fans and followers on Twitter with an incredibly creative promotion. Dallas has 34,000+ followers and only follows very few of them back. He made the offer that he would begin following anyone willing to change their Twitter picture to his 8 icon and simultaneously launched a scavenger hunt consisting of leaving paper bags with the number 8 spray painted on them around the country. The bags contain quantities of 8. Some $8, others 8 t-shirts etc. His goal is to reach 88,888 Twitter followers and I would be surprised if that doesn’t happen soon.

Social Networking really is the new frontier for marketing giving everyone the opportunity to be creative at $0 cost. It is such an exciting time for marketing. As a friend of mine recently said “Its scary to wake up every morning knowing exactly what you will be doing that day. What’s freeing is waking up not knowing what will happen as there are no limits to what you can do”  Social networking presents limitless marketing opportunities at little or no cost so take advantage and test this new marketing freedom!