Streaming Independence

Independent artists were granted an incredible gift ten years ago. The days of struggling to get physical cds into retail stores became history. In fact, some reading this blog may not even remember brick and mortar retailers which housed dedicated square footage of shelf space for displaying 1000s of physical cds. Apple’s iTunes cracked open a door exposing a new frontier with their digital download store, but there was something even greater on the horizon. A young entrepreneur in Stockholm, Sweden launched a revolutionary product for music consumption that would remove the shackles from independent artists around the world. Daniel Ek, enacted the emancipation proclamation for independent music creators with his Spotify music streaming platform. Following the launch of Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Google Play entered the music delivery revolution with their streaming platforms. Now, anyone with a computer and a microphone can make their musical creations available to the world with a simple click of a button.

So what do music creatives do with their independence? Some have certainly taken advantage and built a healthy income stream. However, many click the button to make their music available to the world only to be disappointed when no one shows up to listen. Like most things in life, having a great strategy in place is necessary to reap rewards of the streaming independence granted to independent creatives. Algorithms, playlists and marketing are integral components of streaming success and creatives must understand and use all three in order to build income streams and maximize their independence.

To maximize your music streaming independence, hire someone who understands to help build your income strategy. Finding a stream strategist is as important to your music success as finding the right producer. We recommend the>stream>strategist as a great source for building your strategy.