Super Bowl Commercial Winner!

While America’s top watched TV show of the year was the SuperBowl at the New Orleans Superdome on Sunday Night, the top social network and Monday morning water cooler conversations were centered around the Super Bowl commercials. As a music marketing professional, I am particularly interested in the ads that stir emotion as that is how we sell music. Dodge Ram & the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials did just that.  I personally liked the Dodge Ram ad with the deceased Paul Harvey commentating. It made the Ford truck owner, inside me, contemplate checking out a Dodge. While the ads were enjoyable and several that most definitely created action, there was one incredible ad that didn’t appear on TV. Nabisco’s marketing team rushed out the ad via social networks during the “blackout” situation. The Oreo “You Can Still Dunk In The Dark” ad gets my vote as the most effective ad of the night and it cost $0 to circulate vs $4-6 MIllion others paid to actually place the ads on TV.  Dynamic marketing at its best! The Oreos ad will be a game changer in the way advertisers approach major TV events in the future!