Super Tuesday For Flame!

Flame The 6th

March 6 was a Super Tuesday for Hip Hop/Rap artist, Flame, and his label Clear Sight Music as Flame’s new release The 6th shot straight to #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop Chart and #8 on the Top Albums Chart sharing the Top 10 with chart-topping artists Adele, Big Time Rush and Bruce Springsteen. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Clear Sight Music and Flame on the marketing of this release through helping them secure feature positioning on iTunes. Flame The 6th is one of our biggest marketing success stories to date as we were able to secure prime feature space on iTunes including banner features on both the Main Music page and Hip Hop/Rap page, New & Noteworthy positioning on the Main Page, Music Main page, Hip Hop Rap page and on the Christian Gospel page. Flame The 6th is visible throughout iTunes making it a Super Tuesday for Flame, Clear Sight Music and Artist Garden Entertainment!